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Project Forte

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

FORTE (Fencing)  In fencing, forte (from the Romance root meaning "strong") is "the strong part" of the blade—the one third-closest to the hilt. The "strength" refers to the control established over the opponent's weapon upon contact of one's forte with the opponent's foible (a situation of favourable leverage).  Wikipedia

Salle Ossian is at the forefront of delivering a Sport for Change initiative that aims to reach out to community groups whose members have been subject to violence, trauma or adverse childhood experiences and who might benefit from the therapeutic opportunities inherent in the sport of fencing.

In fencing, we look at strength in a different way, to mean control of one's own actions and interactions with others.  Anyone new to the sport will quickly discover that the attributes of self-control, self-confidence and self-belief are immediately accessed and developed as participants are encouraged to take up something completely new, build on their strengths and work with others to improve problem solving and resilience.

How we do this is by engaging with local partners, providers and supporters, to run short 6 week programmes of fencing themed games and practice which inspire and motivate them to take part and to learn and develop.  The journey individuals take is outlined here.

We believe that everyone can benefit from sport and that everyone benefits from confident individuals and communities.

Project Forte will delivered with the support and assistance of Salle Ossian Fencing Club, Scottish Fencing, British Fencing and Perth and Kinross partnerships.

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