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The follow links take you to the main suppliers of coach education in the UK


The British Academy of Fencing runs regular weekend and week long courses for three weapons.


The Scottish Fencing Coach Programme with an emphasis on TGfU and Constraints-Led coaching


This link takes you to resources, courses and the coach register run by British Fencing


The Federation International Escrime runs intensive 3 month courses with some of the best coaches in the world

Observations and Learning from the 2017 FIE Sabre Coach Course

The following videos were produced by Beth Davidson and Anton Lundqvist who were participants on the 2017 FIE Sabre Coach Course held in Budapest. This is a terrific video online resource and I'm very grateful to them for giving me permission to use the videos to reflect and share some ideas.  Beth and Anton retain full copyright and ownership of the video material.  The thoughts, reflections and ideas are my own and not attributable to any organisation.  

1. Direct Hits

It's not about the hit.  It's about timing and distance.

5. Tierce En Guarde

Keeping everything covered.

9. Tierce Riposte

Preparation - Distance - Timing

13. Feints

Patience and practice

17. Block Outs

Single lights only please

21. Tierce Engagment

Attack the blade, carefully

25. Distance Games

Games are fun

29. Prime

Fun times ahead

2. Flank Hit

Your eyes will decieve you, it's all in the fingers.

8. Stop Hit

The end of one action is the starting point for the next one

10. Seconde

There is a low line...

14. Disengage

How is your waltz timing?

18. Counter Ripostes

Commit to the attack

22. Remise

One light delight

26.  Seconde Beat

Lots of hand actions

30. Compound Attacks

Now you see it...

3. Step Lunge

Can you coordinate the feet with the hand?

6. Footwork

Some great preparatory and timing exercises

11. Prime

Make sure you can see

15. Counter Attack

Its all about the when

19. Point in Line

Right of way is mine!

23. Beat Attack

No preparations on this beat!

27. Second Intention

Now you see it, now you don't

4. The Lunge


7. Quarte Riposte

Blade preparation is key to a good defence.

12.  Quinte

And let's throw in one or two counter ripostes...

16. Counter Time

Defeat the counter action

20. Engagements

Infinite coaching possibilities

24. Beat Counter

Poor attacks are futile

28. Attack the Counter Attack

When is a feint not a feint?

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